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8 months ago
Develop the website as a dynamic website with the same functionality of the android apps. Key Challenges: Deadline, Speed, Quality and Accuracy Key Requirements: Native Android(SDK), Java, XML, Core PHP, Ci and Laravel Frameworks, MySQL Database, Json(Software Architecture), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node JS. Soft Skills Requirements: Adaptability, Leadership, Problem Solving Ability, Team work and collaborative work, Work Ethics, Decision Making, Time Management, Listening skills, Learning Attitude, Honest, Vision Believe and Ability to make an Impact. Key Responsibilities: 1. Understand the existing project with source code and work on the customization and improvements of the product. 2. Integrate a complete new and fresh UI and UX to the product and work on the front-end technology. 3. Collaborate with the UI Designer to make the application look same as the designs provided during the coding and development phase of the project 4. Perform Debugging, Unit testing and deployment of the product before the launch 5. Shift the entire project one server to another that is from Godaddy to Google Cloud Platform(GCP) 6. Improve the existing apps after the launch and work on the customer demand, problem solving and innovative features.