Partially Remote
Cairo, Egypt
4 months ago
The purpose of this activity is to support the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MPED) in developing a Training for public officials on the application and use of the GRP Manual. The main objective of the training program is to integrate issues related to gender and needs of different social groups (women, children and people with disabilities) in public investment planning and translate equality priorities into action plans that include objectives, activities, inputs and results by explaining how to apply steps and tools of gender-responsive planning in different economic sectors of the country, in addition to building indicators that take into account the perspective of social groups to evaluate the performance of these projects, which helps Egyptian public institutions to become more comprehensive in their development investment plans. Hence, MESR, within its scope to support MPED, is seeking to hire a Senior Expert to help train MPED staff and other line ministries on the use and application of the Manual on Gender Responsive Planning to address MESR objective 1 results and more specifically (1.1.4) work plan activity and address the counterpart request. Key Responsibilities and Tasks: Per the assignment purpose above, the gender planning expert will perform his/her assignment to; • Train and build the capacity of representatives from line ministries who are responsible for drafting the public investment plans on the usage of the Manual. Training should aim at strengthening the local mechanisms and capacities for responding to gender equality commitments and obligations and mainstream gender in local program planning and budgeting processes. • Analyse the strategic objectives of the line ministries in the form of gender-sensitive program budgets and raise the awareness of participants about the concepts of inclusion and sustainable development. • Explain the concept of gender-responsive planning and its various stages as well as clarifying the relevant governmental efforts at the national and local levels that integrate women, children and people with disabilities into the planning process and investment projects.