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Full Time
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A Coruña, Spain
4 months ago
Who are you? you are proficient in building API’s using GoLang you have a thorough understanding of containers and functions. Deployment experience with Kubernetes (K8s) or Functions is highly desirable. you have experience deploying production applications (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku…) you know modern coding, testing, debugging and automation techniques you love to write clean structured code you enjoy learning about new technologies you know how to design an efficient software architecture and implement it you automate the mundane tasks so more time can be spent on the fun stuff you like working in a team, sharing knowledge, mentoring the juniors Some of the tasks you might be doing in this role: Work closely with other teams and individuals to plan, coordinate and seek feedback Setup and improve CICD pipeline Implement monitoring, logging and alerting Work with the business to gather requirements and specifications Squeeze every last drop of performance out of your backend and websites through benchmarking and optimisation Use infrastructure tools such as k8s, terraform, docker, helm charts bonus points if you: have previous experience on build or buy common reusable components to make it easier to build applications, promotion of reuse and extension wherever is possible. Comfortable with InnerSource best practices and Open Source usage. are comfortable with web-scraping, custom charts, common notification systems, infrastructure automation, authorization service, data discovery / index, container registry, bastion host, alerting framework, observability tools. ...and some more points: Residence (and work permit) in Spain or Portugal. Written and verbal English is the only language requirement.