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10 months ago
Job Title: Remote Human Resources Interns/Trainees for Students, Freshers or Housewives Job Title: HR Interns/Trainees for Students, Freshers or Housewives We have the Internship/Trainee Program available to all candidates: undergraduate students, MBA, MA, M.Sc., M.Eng, other graduate students, freshers, housewives and other candidates. Benefits include 3 certificates: 1 for internship and 2 for the skills you have learned, plus valuable work experiences at a reputable global company plus a job offer from our company if you perform well. All positions are remote (virtual) and part time, suitable for you even if you are studying or are working. You will perform one or more (not all) of the job functions: • Reply applicant`s emails, screen replies, and schedule interviews by senior HR staff Post job ads on general career websites, university and college career websites, and internship websites •Develop relationships with universities and colleges who have intern programs •Conduct interviews •Conduct evaluations •Other HR tasks Qualifications Education in one of: HR, business, commerce, marketing, education, journalism, administration, and any other business, arts or sciences program.