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$10,000 - $20,000 Per Month
Full Time
20 days ago
Looking for an Inbound Sales Closer: This is an Online Coaching agency helping Doctors achieve financial freedom in a booming $350B+ E-learning Economy. After serving 400+ doctors worldwide, their team is on a mission to help every doctor achieve financial freedom, and break free from a broken healthcare & education system. Want to sell a proven offer scaling from $3M to $10M? Marketing, sales, and hiring processes are dialed-in; with an abundance of warm leads. This is the fastest-growing team in Sam Ovens' Mastermind. They are looking for hungry and coachable sales reps to join their mission to heal the world through education, and directly grow from serving hundreds to serving thousands of people worldwide! Structure & Compensation Full-Time, Fully Remote + No Cold Calling! Inbound calendar is open between 2:00-9:45 EST everyday including weekends. You can control your availability as long as you’re hitting minimum KPI (see below). Independent Contractor Position Minimum KPI: 20 units per month. This is approx. 40 bookings or 30 live calls per week OTE $10,000 to $20,000USD+ per month. Top performers will have upward mobility into leadership & unlock ability for upsells to a $30-45K backend. Reference: Average closers have a closing ratio of 30-35% in their first 90 days. Top closer makes over $20,000USD per month. Perks of this position: Autonomy: Uncapped earnings potential. Work from anywhere. Impact: Help world-class health experts heal the world with their expertise. Growth: See yourself as a partner in this business from day one. The more the business grows, the more your position grows. We are not interested in guru-hopping employees that want to make money fast. We are interested in growing the future leaders of this company for the next 3-5 years and make millions together. Win Together: Raise each others’ standards, learn and grow together, and unlock each others’ potential. We have a relentless work ethic and you will be challenged beyond your limits and surpass your own expectations. Here’s what we are looking for: At least 2 Years of Sales Experience (especially: High-Ticket / Biz Opp) High-Performance Mindset: You’re obsessive and passionate about sales. You will encounter losing streaks, rejection, and getting stuck into ruts. If you break under pressure or critical feedback, this is NOT for you. If you have the emotional resilience to bounce back easily, you will LOVE this environment. Hunger to win & Surpass expectations. Self-Awareness - Sales is 80% Mindset and 20% Tactics. You must have the self-awareness of your own moods and behaviors and how it is affecting your interactions with clients and other team members. Autonomy - You excel at working 100% remotely, managing your schedule and meeting deadlines without direct supervision. Solution-focused - You are a clear communicator who comes up with your own solutions autonomously or with assistance. Team player - Collaborate with a small team and ask for help when needed. Lift others up and create the team that you want to be a part of. Tech-Savvy: We move fast, you need to be able to keep up with communications. Recommended (Biz Opp, Online Coaching, and Digital Marketing): Experience with selling biz opp or online coaching or digital marketing. Your goal is to drive new business revenue by: Inbound Leads: Generating conversations with potential clients Close: Converting those conversations into frontend sales This is for people with at least 2 years of sales experience (either your own product or someone else’s). You are obsessed with sales and want to become the best in the world, without dealing with other aspects of the business (Operations, Product/Fulfillment/Delivery). You want a proven offer, fully-booked calendars with qualified leads, and a system that you can just plug into making millions working together. You want a clear upside growth path, and work alongside a team of winners to push you to become the best. Looking for sales reps who believe in their skill sets, see themselves as partners in the business, and want to grow into the business over a 5-10+ year horizon to make millions together with a fast growing team... They are not looking for 2-3 month guru-hopping mercenary types that only want to make quick money and have no belief or alignment over their product, mission, or values. If you want to be a partner and scale this business with a unicorn team, we’d love to hear from you! About the Team We value autonomy, data-based decisions, and relentless discipline & work ethic. We attract people that have always been winners in their respective fields – military, competitive sports, science / engineering / academics. We purposefully keep our team lean and systematized. For example: We concentrate 4X worth of opportunities into 1 reps’ calendar to maximize your earnings per time ratio. We’ve found that 1 superstar can often outperform 4 average sales reps. Our team is 100% virtual - you can work from anywhere with a strong Internet connection. You have time flexibility. For the right type of person: this will be fun, fulfilling, push you beyond your limits, and maximize your earnings potential. Job Type: Inbound Sales, Online Coaching Agency, Independent Contractor Based Position, High Ticket, International Applicants Welcome to Apply, Working Hours 2:00 to 9:45pm est.
$10,000 - $20,000 Per Month