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$50,000 - $130,000 Per Year
Full Time
North and South America
12 days ago
Who Are We:- Our Client is a fast-growing start-up on a mission to create more equality in the world by empowering all individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial spirit. These platforms connect businesses with the best factories, giving them easy access to reliable inventory and the capability to easily design and manufacture inspiring products. Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, but they are a truly global company with team members across the U.S., Europe, and Asia/Pacific. They have gone to a fully remote working platform so that we can attract the world’s best talent. They also have the rare distinction of being a profitable startup that has raised Silicon Valley capital. They are looking to attract extremely intelligent, motivated people with massive aspirations to change the world by helping small businesses. specifically Looking for:● Strong understanding of the AWS ecosystem - Able to start and complete infrastructure upgrade projects alone and with minimal guidance.○ Looking for familiarity with the following services in particular: IAM, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, ECS, Fargate, RDS ● Strong understanding of security and networking● Strong understanding of relational databases (MySQL, Postgres) - performance optimization and maintenance● Strong understanding of Node and Express● Strong understanding of containerization and microservice architecture● Strong understanding of REST and Graph QL Nice to have:● Management skills● Familiarity with PHP, Symfony, MySQL● Familiarity with React● Familiarity with Click Up● Accustomed to mid-size teams with 2-week sprints, TDD Positions Software Architects Timezones Pacific Daylight [UTC -7] Languages English -Fluent
$50,000 - $130,000 Per Year