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$5,500 - $6,500 Per Year
Full Time
17 days ago
Hey Lady! is an online community solving one of the biggest problems experienced by English learners around the world today - finding someone genuine and reliable to practise speaking with regularly, is really hard! For an affordable monthly fee, members are matched with great speaking partners and practice their English speaking skills together in a safe and supportive space. Hey Lady! empowers its members with the connections, the tools, and the space to get the practice they need to speak English fluently and confidently so they can create new opportunities in their lives. The founders of Hey Lady! are the creators behind mmmEnglish a YouTube channel with close to 5M subscribers. The company is on a mission to spark one billion conversations between women of different cultures. With no direct competition currently in the market, their solution is disruptive in the industry and the potential to help millions of people globally is real. This company is all about people - both the team and the people in the community they serve. The relationship between Hey Lady! & its members is very personal. They work collaboratively, discuss, debate, make plans and then get out there and enjoy playing the game. As a remote and international team of 20, they value communication and teamwork so that they can effectively and proactively scale the business and celebrate key milestones together. The Hey Lady! team is looking for their next Lead Developer (Back-End) who will lead the evolution of their existing software. In this role, you will work with the team to find areas of improvement and implement new features to shape the future of the community and the company. From a tech point of view, you will have a chance to work primarily on the back-end of the solution with algorithms and machine learning high on the agenda, and there is huge scope for growth in this role. Professional development is encouraged and supported. The objective of the team is to become the best in the world at helping community members connect and communicate with each other; therefore, you will work on matching & recommendation algorithms, chat functionality upgrades, video chat SDK, group forums and more, all whilst ensuring the platform can scale with user growth. More specifically, your core responsibilities will include: Planning: -Feasibility assessment -Mapping -Estimation -Proactively identifying problems & making recommendations -Improving key areas of user experience to make them better Implementation: -Solving problems, and writing & reviewing code -Automating testing & deployment Leadership: -Improving the current workflows -Ensuring excellence -Keeping the team focused and on track -Report to the co-founder and the management team -Collaborate with the Product Team - a Product Manager, Designer, one mid-level Developer (front-end) and Junior Developer (back-end). In your first weeks at Hey Lady!, you will have an opportunity to get to know the product, the people, and the problems you will work on in the future. The outgoing developers will assist you with the task handover and during this time, you will get familiar with the tech stack, the overall approach to solving problems and identify further areas of improvement. Although an onboarding process will be organized for you, the team counts on your experience and expertise to truly help build solid software which will help scale the business. What the Hey Lady! team is looking for is a Developer who is passionate about solving problems & writing solid code, as well as a personable team player who wants to truly feel valued for their contributions. Alongside your amazing coding skills, it is also your communication skills that will greatly help you thrive at Hey Lady!. In order to excel in this role, you need to have: -Solid experience as a Developer that writes quality code and minimizes technical debt. -2+ years of experience with Typescript, React, GraphQL -Experience working in a remote team environment where you have demonstrated the ability to work independently while offering support and guidance to team members with less experience -Experience with payment gateway integrations -Experience with queries for matching/algorithms -Ability to work with non-tech team members to discuss areas of improvement which you will later translate into technical requirements -A team-oriented attitude & excellent communication skills -Willingness to proactively look for areas of improvement Brownie points for -Front-end experience and/or involvement in other community platforms. What’s in it for you? -$5500 - $6500* per month -Full-time and fully remote employment -Flexible working hours with a 4-hour overlap with UTC +8 business hours -20 days paid annual leave plus 6 days personal leave & 8 public holidays off -Guaranteed 10% per year plus bonuses for the successful delivery of quarterly objectives -Opportunity to develop the team & its culture *Please note that this is a gross salary and that you are responsible for any tax-related procedures in your country of residence. We kindly ask you to apply only if you are happy to work remotely as an independent contractor.
$5,500 - $6,500 Per Year