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$60,000 - $100,000 Per Year
Full Time
Partially Remote
New York, NY, United States
12 days ago
Lead Engineer (Equity Included) Looking for a full-stack developer to be the Lead Engineer/CTO for a new startup sports betting company. Front-end architecture: Flutter and DartBack-end architecture: Laravel, PHP & SQL The company is a Peer-to-Peer social betting platform that allows friends and acquaintances to bet money on sports, politics, entertainment, etc. Think of it like the Venmo of sports betting (i.e. social + payment transaction). In this role, the employee will help build a mobile + web app for the company as well as lead a future team of developers in building/growing the platform. We already have a functional beta (TestFlight) on the App Store, so you will be building on top of those. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE DEVELOPER HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE GAMBLING INDUSTRY OR PAST EXPERIENCE WORKING ON A SPORTS BETTING APP -- If you don't understand terms like Moneyline, Spread, or Total, then please do not apply to save us both time. Thank you! This is a full-time position with equity offered Start date ASAP The ideal candidate will have the following qualities: 1. Full-stack developer 2. Familiarity with languages above 3. A solid understanding of sports betting / passion for sports 4. Desire to build out and lead a team of junior developers 5. Ability and desire to work 10-12 hours a day (CEO works more, I promise) 6. Preference for someone who is located in the United States and willingness to potentially move within the first year of employment. Age and resume don't matter. I'd rather hire a smart, young, hard-working employee than someone who looks really good on paper but isn't willing to put in the time. Company is currently raising its first round of outside capital. Job Type Payroll Positions Full-Stack Developers Backend Developers Frontend Developers Must have Skills Flutter - 2 Years Advanced Laravel Framework SQL PHP - 2 Years Advanced Languages English -Fluent Longterm (Duration) Partially Remote New York, NY, USA United States
$60,000 - $100,000 Per Year