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5 months ago
Join Appen Today! A global leader in speech and search technology services. When you work on our projects, you are helping to develop a responsible, unbiased AI. We are looking for contributors in Poland who are Native Polish speakers for an exciting work from home opportunity. Project Overview: It’s a Native Polish transcription project which you will transcribe a series of short audios, this project will run for 5-6 months. The audios are all from a famous social media. Candidates are required to work as transcribers and QA checkers in this project, so the one with transcription experience is preferred. 3-4 working hours per day, expected payrate is 5-7 USD/working, but the actual pay of formal task is based on the valid audio length generated. Recruitment requirements: 1) Polish native speaker. 2) Participated in the audio transcription project and knew the basic rules of audio transcription. 3) Flexible working hours, it is a long project will last 5-6 months. The tasks and guidelines will be provided to you once you got in. Want to get started today? Become an Appen Contributor now!

Skills Required