Freelance Remote
10 days ago
JOB DESCRIPTION 1. Specify the company's official promotion strategy, target the growth of users and business volume, explore and expand cooperation channels, and complete business indicators; 2. Explore and promote new Cooperation mode, responsible for the entire process of channels from initial business contacts, follow-up, cooperation planning and launch, tracking and analysis of performance indicators; 3. Understand scenario-based cooperation models, plan customized cooperation programs that meet business scenario channels, and improve cooperation Possibility and efficiency; 4. Maintain good partner resources and strive for more cooperation opportunities for business development; 5. Understand market and competitive product trends, provide regular cooperation plans and strategic research, and explore new cooperation models. 1、指定公司官资推广策略,以用户和业务量增长为目标,发掘并拓展合作渠道,完成业务指标; 2、探索并推广新的合作模式,负责渠道从商务初步接洽、跟进、合作规划及上线落地的全过程,追踪和分析业绩指标; 3、了解场景类合作模式,策划符合业务场景类渠道的定制化合作方案,提高合作的可能性和效率; 4、维护良好的合作伙伴资源,为业务发展争取更多的合作机会; 5、了解市场及竞品动向,定期提供合作计划及策略研究,挖掘新型合作模式。 REQUIREMENT 1. More than 5 years of work experience in Internet business cooperation positions, with rich accumulation of resources and contacts in the same industry and different industries; 2. Familiar with various forms of market cooperation, with high business development experience; 3. Strong experience Work enthusiasm and self-driving force, efficiently integrate internal and external resources to promote performance goals; 4. Have good customer development capabilities, dare to face challenges, and have strong pressure-bearing capabilities; 1、5年以上互联网商务合作类岗位工作经验,拥有丰富的同业、异业资源积累和人脉; 2、熟悉各种市场合作形式,具备较高的商务拓展经验; 3、有强烈的工作热情和自驱力,高效整合内外部资源促成业绩目标; 4、有良好的客户拓展能力,敢于面对挑战,具备较强的承压能力; BENEFITS 1. 13th Month pay/ annual Bonus 2. 4 meals/day *includes free drinks, fruits and snacks 3. Birthday Gift 4. Team Building Fund 5. Attendance Bonus 6. Performance Bonus 7.HMO / Medical Insurance Benefits 8. Annual Leave 9. Accommodation: 4 pax/room, the employees requires live in company dormitory who can’t go back home during the epidemic, after then can go back home according to your own decision. Free dormitories are only applicable for the following position/department after pandemic: 10. Shuttle Service INTERVIEW PROCESS 2 Rounds NOTICE FOR REFERRER 1. Working hours: 9 hours/ day, 6 days/ week 2. What nationalities? Chinese only (No Taiwanese/ Hongkong citizen) 3. Experience in POGO industry is a must? No, just a priority 4. Open for candidatest that are in China at the moment? YES 5. Company provide working visa, flight ticket, meals, accommodation? YES, company will shoulder all expenses. But at the moment, candidates must accept to stay in company condo and unable to go out of the building till the covid is controlled. 6. Require English speaking? NO 7. What is age's requirement? Below 45 8. What Payment Commercial Manager means? The person who has many payment channels, understand it well.

Skills Required