19 days ago
Podcast Production Assistant (Weekly Contract - budget offered is per-week) Main duties: - Video and audio editing / podcast production (90 min of content per week, 4 items) with YouTube production / assistance - Show summaries and notes (for one long form item) - Podcast research (host/show. guest) - Digital / social media post creation around podcast - Wordpress post creation around podcast First Week -Help organize and create assets for video, audio production, i.e. Bumpers, intro/outro, click/subscribe, short form promotion asset. this will mean creation of assets for Main show, plus short form non-podcast branded episodes - Produce 2 of the long form 45 min videos (10 are ready for production) - Help organize and prepare keyword and trend searching - Familiarize with Hootsuite and link in all the publication endpoints where needed - Prepare new assets for existing 16 episodes (thumbnail, title, keywords, links) on YT - Refine existing 16 show pages on podcast branded Wordpress site - show notes, etc. Each Week: - Produce 1 or more Youtube video longform podcasts, ~ 45 min long. Add bumpers, audio / video editing, transcripts, 2nd pass editing after review - Stage for YT publishing after approval - Stage audio version for Libsyn publishing. - Schedule publication of each show on podcast branded WP website - Add show notes, transcripts, bios, links, etc on WP site. - Produce 2 or more short form (10-15 min) youtube videos (solo / talking head style). - Prepare 5 main-show social assets for IG, FB, linked in, etc while prepping thumbnails. Find pithy quotes, topics, etc. and prep the thumbnail, plus other versions that are not thumbnail to get people to watch the video / podcast. Stage these in hootsuite (day published, day after, 1 week, 1 month after, 6 months after) - Find 3-5 quality, likely guests for podcast, and summarize them, i.e. Scope of reach, Short bio and Topics they are info / marketplace segment, What they sell now and How they sell now, Email address for them or booking contact - Research one presently scheduled guest: refine research from above item -Find 3-5 high quality podcasts to book Dr. Hill on spreadsheet with hundreds already booked exists; adding candidate shows, with Scope description / size, Topics they often cover, Audience segment and demographics. Booking contact name and email - Do additional topic / keyword research within our niches to identify trends that week. - Once potential guest, show invitations approved, drop emails for items 5, 7 into a CRM that generates / sends email templates to invite Rince and repeat, Weekly.