Full Time
Navi Mumbai, India
3 months ago
About the Company BizPay (Inscite FinTech Solutions Private Limited), is a FinTech-Sass company which provides Corporate Cards and UPI Wallet based Expense Management for businesses. To get more information of the companies solutions visit The ultimate vision of the company is to create a suite of enterprise grade business applications which are seamlessly connected with all banking functions i.e become a comprehensive corporate Neo Bank of the future. About the position:- Overview :- This position is for the bankend devloper for the BizPay Expense Management System. As the Back End Developer core functionalities and their logical implementation will be the responsibility of this person. This role will involve hands on coding as well as communicating with various team memvers like Product/Project Head, Founder, Front End Developers and the like. Required Technical Skillls :- Must be proficient in :- 1. Python with Jango Framework. 2. APIs, Databases and ORM. 3. Server Setup and routing setup from scratch 4. AWS server setup and maintenance. Experience :- Minimum 3 years of expereince with creating real world applications in Python with Jango Framework and creating and maintaining web APIs and deployment. Key Roles and Responsibilities :- This position is that of continuous responsibility and performance will be judge based on the persons ability to get things done. It will be expected that any task or project undertaken by the person is completed within timelines and with ownership and enthusiasm. Some of the key rsponsibility areas are mentioned below. 1. To develop APIs as per the requirements of the product/project. 2. To setup and servers and do all the backend work including develop database schemas, server side load balancers and the like. 3. Suggest imrpovements to the app design and functionality from time to time. 4. To ensure timelines are maintained and to meet key deadlines. 5. To document APIs and explain functionalities to Front End Developers. 6. To liason with FE developers on a regular basis and constantly debug and upgrade the Back End to improve the overall user expereince. 7. To keep optimizing back end code on an on going basis. 8. Any other task which is required by your supervisor/Manager/Project aor Product Head.