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$47,976 - $60,000 Per Year
Full Time
Partially Remote
Houston, TX, United States
6 months ago
Requirements: -3+ years solar sales experience -5+ years solar management experience -Prolific in implementing sales strategies -Exceptional leadership skills Job Description: - Establish clear sales objectives for each team member - Create a distinct sales process and marketing strategies for canvassers and consultants to follow - Educate sales team on new or upcoming products and services - Continually monitor and track KPIs and sales performance - Analyze monthly sales outcomes and create reports for upper management - Build and maintain positive client and customer relationships - Assist the VP/ Director of Sales with helping the organization reach its goals. - Assist the training manager develop ongoing trainings for canvassers and reps - Coordinate with project management to ensure projects are completed - Setup online presence and handle incoming leads - Develop territories in state/region - Assign territories to canvassers and consultants - Developing and implementing business, marketing, and advertising strategies. - Overseeing daily operations and setting performance objectives. - Assist in training new consultants and team leads. - Attend company meetings and trainings - Assist in building company culture - Assist with In-home/virtual sales - Meet and exceed individual and team sales goals monthly - Knocking is not required but it is highly encouraged to stay sharp - Assist in mitigating project cancellations - Deescalate conflicts - Develop relationships with potential partner - Attend networking events - Conduct market research
$47,976 - $60,000 Per Year