$2,500 - $4,000 per project
19 days ago
Job requirements: T4 - More than 5 years of work experience, in-depth understanding of the principles and design patterns of various open-source libraries, and the ability to quickly solve problems encountered in the business by selecting appropriate design patterns according to the business. Have rich optimization experience and capabilities and have a good understanding of the architecture. Know 1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above in computer and related majors, more than 3 years of Android development experience. 2. More than 5 years of Android development experience, proficient in Java/Kotlin language; 3. Have good architecture and interface design capabilities, have a deep understanding of object-oriented design and design patterns, and be able to implement reusable components with high quality; 4. Familiar with performance optimization, familiar with underlying principles such as Android framework, multi-threading, data storage, network communication, etc.; 5. Have strong ability to analyze and solve problems, learn quickly, withstand pressure, and communicate and collaborate; 6. Applicants with experience in large-scale IM systems, social/community APPs, and first-line Internet product development will be given priority; 7. Applicants with development experience in large-scale project performance optimization, engineering efficiency optimization, cross-platform solutions, etc. will be given priority. Job description: 1. Responsible for mobile App product development, optimization, and maintenance. 2. Participate in the design of core systems and the discussion and formulation of technical solutions. 3. Familiar with Java and Kotlin for App development and debugging. 4. Improve the usability of the software and enhance the user experience. 5. Preparation and maintenance of standard documents, and other project-related work Benefits: • 5 days work schedule • Monthly Transportations Allowance: 3,000 PHP per month • Monthly KPI Bonus (upon regularization): A-20,000; B- 10,000, C-0 • Monthly Perfect Attendance Bonus: 1,000 • Service Tenure Award: 1 Year-50,000; 2 Years-100,000; 3 Years and up-150,000 • HMO (upon regularization) • 5 days annual leave + Philippine Holidays + Government Mandated Leaves Company: Innovations (https://www.innovationsgroups.com/) Location: Parañaque City Note: Successful Technical candidates will receive an equivalent of their one month salary if they onboard within 7 days after they have received the offer.
$2,500 - $4,000 per project