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2 months ago
JOB RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Responsible for framework development. 2. Guide the design of project business functions. 3. According to the development progress and task assignment, complete the design and development of the corresponding modules. 4. Work with the implementation team to advance product development. 5. Responsible for system design, optimization, reconstruction, splitting, and participating in the formulation of technical solutions. JOB REQUIREMENTS 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer related, 5 years or more experience in Java application development, and successful implementation of medium and large software systems; 2. Solid Java foundation, understanding of basic frameworks such as IO, multithreading, collection, etc., and a deep understanding of JVM principles; 3. Understand mainstream open source architecture codes and master common design patterns; 4. Have a good programming style, have a deep understanding of object-oriented design principles and design patterns, and be able to build a scalable and flexible architecture; 5. Master multi-threaded programming and performance tuning, and have rich experience in high-concurrency, high-performance system design and development; 6. Master the use of microservice frameworks, and be proficient in using open source frameworks such as SpringMVC, SpringCloud, SpringBoot, Mybatis. 7. Familiar with caching, message queue, big data storage related technologies, such as: Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Elasticsearch, etc.; 8. Have good communication skills and teamwork skills, diligent and eager to learn, love technology, meticulous and conscientious, good at communication, and able to bear great pressure.