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$75 - $130 Per Hour
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16 days ago
Our mission is to create a network where people grow and win together. To accomplish this, we are building a new professional profile that people can be proud of. A profile that tells the full story of who they are and what they are capable of, not just where they worked or went to school. Unlocking opportunities that were previously out of reach. We will do this by harnessing the power of people that support them, helping them tell their story, and incentivizing them to help the people they believe in succeed. Instead of pedigree, we will focus on character, achievement, drive, and the intangibles that make each person great. By showcasing people's actual talent and ability we believe we can help them reach their full potential, changing their lives and providing a massive benefit to society. Job description: Our current engineering team is composed of three Principal level engineers across, web, mobile, and back-end. We are looking for a Senior or Principal level iOS engineer to augment our team 20-30 hours per week and speed up our development and iteration. That includes, but is not limited to: -Helping build our iOS experience from the ground up. Contribute meaningfully to product decisions, software architecture, tools, and practices. -Assist with the client deployment process, including deploying TestFlights, and publishing to the App Store. -Build rapid prototypes to help us explore what's possible.

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$75 - $130 Per Hour