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$5,000 - $8,500 Per Year
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3 months ago
We are developing an innovative Conversational Voice-based AI that automates order taking in restaurants. Our main use case is automating orders in the drive-thru, a huge business in the US. More than 70% of quick-service restaurants' revenue originates in the drive-thru! Drive-thru restaurants have employees multi-task by taking orders, packing food, taking payments, and more. This translates to long wait times and extremely high stress for employees. Currently, the restaurants are experiencing a major hiring crisis due to this extreme stress and increasing minimum wage. Most quick-service restaurants had begun to search for a more elegant solution that improves customer experience, increases speed, accuracy, average ticket size, and reduces employee stress. Our AI greets the customer, takes the order, and inserts it into the point of sale freeing up the employees to focus on other tasks. Understanding an order in the drive-thru using voice is not an easy task and requires deep technology to get to the required high completion rate of orders. The challenges include a very noisy environment, unique speech patterns due to the customer's indecisiveness, different accents, gender, ages, speech from other people in the car, complex multi-turn unstructured conversation, low latency, and more. In order to solve big challenges, we are developing our own speech and natural language understanding tech from the ground up. We are a group of experts in Speech, NLU, and Backend SW. We strongly believe in impact-driven employment where you can work from wherever you're most comfortable and effective. Because of the myriad of challenges and the fast pace, each team member gets to experience a lot of professional growth and ownership. About the Role & Responsibilities: - Our backend is developed all in Python running in the cloud over k8s. - It's not a typical backend interacting with a UI frontend. It handles audio streams in real-time and runs our key AI algorithms. - The role involves designing and implementing complex parts of the backend. This involves distributed architecture as well as concurrency while taking into consideration performance and scale. Requirements - 5+ years experience in Python - Experience in SW design and backend dev - Developed and deployed multiple projects used in production - Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, CI/CD, Clouds (AWS/GCP/Azure) - experience with async IO, threading, or concurrent programming - deep control of Python 3 and its standard library. Preferred Qualifications: - Experience with real-time audio processing Join us to be a part of an amazing team with great vibes, a company with a lot of freedom of movement, interesting and unique challenges, and an opportunity to influence and build something big.
$5,000 - $8,500 Per Year