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7 days ago
Position: Software Development Job Type: Virtual Internship (CHILE) Company: Gao Tek Inc. Job experience required: 0 - 2 years Qualifications: Available to all candidates undergraduate students, MBA, other graduate students, freshers, housewives and other candidates. In one of electronic engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, network engineering, telecom engineering, computer applications, computer software, computer sciences, computer programming, software programming, mechanical engineering, civil engineering. You will perform one or more (not all) of the job functionsTech support, product webpages and datasheets developments Hardware, software and/or system product tests, quality assurance Tech writing, technical presentation, Software development one of the programming languages C, Java, Word Press, etc., Digital marketing, SEO, Sales Assistance. Time Commitment • Between 20 hours to 40 hours per week for 3 months to 6 months. Benefits • Three certificates: One Certificate of Internship and two certificates related to specific training at GAO. • Free work placement supervised by GAO's professional and managerial staff. • Free professional training through its various global professional summits (conferences) offered by industry and academic leaders and a graduation project. • Virtual and flexible, namely students can work from anywhere in the world with a flexible schedule. What's on Offer? • Leadership Role • A role that offers a breadth of learning opportunities • Flexible working options About GAO Tek GAO Tek was founded in 1997 and it’s a leading US supplier of test and measurement equipment for fiber-optics, telecommunications, networks, and chemical and biomedical equipment. Head office is located in New York City, the work has expanded to 50 countries around the globe (throughout all of the North America, New Zealand, Australia, some Asian and Arabic countries, and also four countries in the EU, including UK, Germany, France, and Italy). For a better collaboration and management of our international teams, we use Bitrix24 platform basically to stay in touch and monitor performance. One thing that is important to mention is that during the internship, you need to log in daily for at least 1 - 2 hours every day, and in cases when you are not able to login, you should inform the management through the group chat that will be opened after and if you join the organization.