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$80,000 - $120,000 Per Year
Full Time
2 months ago
Responsibilities: - Develop, design, create, modify, and/or test software applications or systems for various products or software services. - Perform full-stack web or mobile application development with a variety of coding languages. - Create consumer products and features leveraging frameworks such as React and React Native. - Implement web or mobile interfaces using HTML and JavaScript/TypeScript. - Work closely with the Product Team to define feature specifications and build products leveraging frameworks such as React and React Native. - Work closely with the Platform Team to design and build back-end features. - Build internal and consumer-facing report interfaces and data feeds. - Conduct design and code reviews. - Work independently inside of a distributed team to complete both team, and individual initiatives. - Identify and drive changes as needed for the assigned codebase, product area, or systems. Minimum Qualifications: - 3+ years experience shipping production applications with JavaScript/TypeScript and React and/or React Native. - 3+ years participating in design and code reviews. - Deep familiarity with native development environments like Visual Studio Code, XCode, and Android Studio. - Familiarity with GraphQL, gRPC, and REST. - Experience with automated testing suites, like Jest, Mocha, and Enzyme. - Exposure to other systems languages such as: Python, Golang, or Rust.
$80,000 - $120,000 Per Year