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$75,000 - $82,000 Per Year
Full Time
Pitsburg, PA, United States
9 months ago
Responsible for all aspects of the tax compliance function and tax accounting function, including the performance of tax research and planning. In performing these duties, the individual will need to keep abreast of changes in tax law and will be expected to identify tax issues and opportunities. ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES Responsible for government mandated tax filings for the company and subsidiaries, both wholly and jointly owned. Assure the timely completion and remittance of tax filings in accordance with both internal and external deadlines. Responsible for the necessary calculations supporting the tax filings for which detailed work papers and documentation are maintained to back-up such calculations. Responsible for the necessary forms, as well as any necessary attachments and/or elections related to the tax filings using the applicable software. Only for U.S residents or green card holders.
$75,000 - $82,000 Per Year