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$6 - $7 Per Hour
Full Time
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Key Responsibilities:   Manage and develop a support team to provide support to our clients Follow up on and take responsibility for unresolved issues or escalations.   Set SMART goals based on business targets and objectives and conduct regular check ins.   Maintain a well-defined and operational working practice with minimal disruption using technology to improve efficiency as appropriate.   Liaison with the internal functions including sales, product management, onboarding, and other service functions.   Ensure high quality, up-to-date documentation exists for all service arrangements.      Requirements and skills: 3 years more or experience leading a support team in a managed IT service environment is required   Able to juggle priorities to meet deadlines without cutting corners    Experienced and conversant in Service Level Agreements and Operational Schedules   General technical understanding of Networking and Hosting technologies and solutions    Able to develop effective relationships internally at a variety of levels and work closely with commercial departments such as sales and product management   Effective interpersonal and communication skills   Experience improving and developing the knowledge & skills of others    Must have his/her own work-from-home equipment (computer/laptop, webcam, headset, and wired internet connection)     What’s in it for you?   Permanent full-time work-from-home position  Salary starts at $6-$7/hr (salary increase is based on performance evaluations)  HMO (reimbursement for $100/mo)  Life Insurance (reimbursement for $20/mo)  Reimbursement for Dental: $240 and Vision: $48 per year 15 PTO credits in a year (if unused, convertible to cash!) Retirement Benefit (starts at 5 years of service) Training/Development courses (reimbursement for up to $30) US Holiday Pay Company: MSPbots  Work Hours and Schedule: May fall between 8:00 am-5:00 pm CDT (9:00 pm-7:00 am PHT), Fixed rest days (Sat-Sun)   Work Duration: Long-term 

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$6 - $7 Per Hour