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Full Time Remote
Western Europe
8 days ago
Are you a vibrant and enthusiastic Personal Aid who loves to travel? Do you have a passion for providing routine and home comforts. Then this role is perfect for you! Our founder, serial entrepreneur and business savvy CEO is looking for a personal aid to support him maintain a balanced yet productive lifestyle during his travels. The working hours for this position will be Monday to Friday, part-time, but flexibility to work over the weekend occasionally will be appreciated. Set hours will be agreed however mornings and late afternoon mainly. As a personal aid you will be focused on ensuring our CEO is equipped for his days by grocery shopping, meal prepping (he is a capable cook but sometimes needs a gentle reminder to take a break and eat!), basic laundry, sourcing local produce and services when in new destinations, and ensuring medications, vitamins and supplements are always in stock (again a gentle nudge is often needed if you notice these aren't being taken). These duties are required during the morning/late afternoons. Throughout the day you will have the freedom to do some light housekeeping at a casual pace, after which your time is your own. Main responsibilities: -Prepping breakfasts, lunch and dinner according to a diet and meal plan. These are healthy nutritious meals to promote overall wellbeing, supporting immunity and driving high levels of energy. -Maintaining the groceries, some items may be difficult to source depending on location. -Taking an interest in new locations and what these can offer, making suggestions which align to the CEO's needs or interests. -Arranging shipping and delivery of supplies; vitamins, supplements. -Sourcing local wellbeing services; massage, acupuncture, pharmacy with appointment setting and diary management once treatments are established. -Ensuring laundry is done and set aside to be put away. -Ensuring Wi-Fi and services are set up and functioning between relocations. -PA support (emails, diary management) & errand running. How will you know if you're doing a great job? That's easy: -Your natural empathy and caring nature have brought a home comfort, you have supported the CEO in regulating his diet and supplements according to the strict needs and requirements. -You have enabled the CEO with your ability to organise and support the creation of a “health schedule” focused on - but not limited to - diet, exercise, treatment appointments (acupuncture, massages etc.) All around an already hectic work schedule! -A stable and consistent diet has enabled the CEO to focus on fitness and stamina, both mentally and physically; with the ability to perform a weight lifting training 2 times a week. much sought after improvements to quality of sleep - falling asleep in around 20 minutes 6/7 nights a week! -The ideal person will be discreet, hardworking and active. Able to engage with the CEO in a friendly and outgoing manner, yet understand you are independent of each other outside of your responsibilities. As with any role, flexibility will be required, some work commitments may be later than others or fluctuate due to changing time zones and so meal prepping may need to be altered to ensure energy levels are maintained and the "health schedule" remains a priority. You will be someone who is happy travelling, sometimes at the last minute. While travelling you will be provided with accommodation and transport as required. Requirements: -Can take instruction and follow directions but can also use their initiative. -Strong English verbal and written communication, Spanish is also a preference. -The ability to gain necessary travel VISA in particular you will meet VISA requirements to gain entry to the US, Mexico, and Portugal. -You have a passion for creating a strong quality of life for a busy individual who is a 'workaholic' and often needs a reminder to care for his health and wellbeing! -Have a high degree of empathy and are aware of adhering to professional boundaries. -Are physically fit and adept with technology. Benefits -Working for an amazing CEO. -Frequent Travel and opportunity to explore around your duties. -Having an impact and making a difference!