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Full Time
10 days ago
Professional Makeup Artist and Business owner looking for a virtual personal assistant. I would love someone easygoing and can get the job done quickly and efficiently. A detailed oriented assistant who loves organization, and research. Someone with structure, and an eye for beauty or someone who has any knowledge about the beauty industry. Duties would include 1. Scheduling appointments for myself (not clients) 2. Research products, opportunities, branding techniques, and product vendors. 3. Manage and build community with clients via drafting and sending emails once monthly. 4. Occasionally source freelancers and branding opportunities. 5. Review and edit documents before (me) sending them out. 6. Set Up online systems for business improvements, and draft contacts and agreements. 7. Occasionally order business products 8. Call people on my behalf for information as needed. 9 Build systems for smoother business flow If you think you are reliable reach out to me I want someone who loves doing these tasks or finds them easy to do so you can enjoy being my PA. Please reply to this ad ( either in writing or with a quick video on your phone) with your Name what city you are in Your phone number what days and times this week are you available why you’d be great for this position what do you do on other days of the week.