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Senior Media Buyer (Google/ Facebook and TikTok Ads)
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Full Time
$12 - $15 per hour 55 days left
ATOMATIC is looking for a Senior Media Buyer with extensive experience in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Advertising, and other e-commerce advertising platforms. Role: - You'll be in a team of motivated individuals who are constantly creating, analyzing, and optimizing Facebook campaigns for a dynamic range of physical products designed to be promoted on different platforms (Facebook, Youtube, or Tiktok). - You will be working with a team of product researchers, copywriters, and video editors to translate the materials you're given (Product Page, Video and Image Assets) into a cohesive ad campaign on Facebook ads, google ads, and TikTok ads designed to test products with the goal of driving sales. Responsibilities: - Create new advertising strategies - Creating Purchase Facebook, Google, and Tiktok Campaigns From Scratch - Creating Facebook Page and Tiktok Like Campaigns designed to gain Facebook likes for particular pages in their infancy at a low daily/overall budget - Researching Relevant Facebook and Tiktok Audiences that based on your research, have the highest likelihood of effectively testing the product - Optimizing Facebook and Tiktok Campaigns (Scaling Winning Adsets/Campaigns) - Killing Facebook and Tiktok Adsets/Campaigns that prove to not be profitable Requirements: - Extensive experience in 2021 Facebook Ads- A-Z ( Create, Optimize, Scale, Deploy high-quality copy), Google Shopping Expert, and Google Ad words Expert - Experienced in TikTok advertising - Experienced with high budget spending - Intense focus on analytics and optimization - Ability to critically think and solve business manager bans, blocks, and ad fatigue without management supervision - 7 years + accumulative experience in paid traffic (Facebook, Google ads, and TikTok) - Ability to optimize ads during EST hours if needed - Must be flexible and willing to do market research in order to create effective testing campaigns in a potential wide array of niches - Must always practice critical thinking and root cause analysis (RCA) - Must be comfortable working with achieving team and individual goals/deadlines Technical Requirements - Must have a backup laptop, Desktop, and Stable internet (20 Mbps at least) If you think you fit in the position above, click the online application form below and fill out the necessary information. Kindly upload a CV/ Resume with a file name format: LAST NAME_FIRST NAME. Online Application Form: https://form.typeform.com/to/C02ZH5fK Kindly fill the Job Title question in this format: POSITION APPLIED FOR | First Name, Last Name Applications received via online application form will be considered.
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