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Part Time
United States
$30 - $39 per hour 12 days ago
We are looking for a customeroriented service representative A Customer Service Representative or CSR will act as a liaison provide productservices information answer questions and resolve any emerging problems that our customer accounts might face with accuracy and efficiency The best CSRs are genuinely excited to help customers Theyre patient empathetic and passionately communicative They love to talk and understand the value of good communication skills Customer service representatives can
Full Time
Lagos, Nigeria
$50k - $100k per year 3 months ago
The main goal of an Account Officer is to manage a companys financial records though an organizations size and specific industry may affect their general duties and responsibilities Some of their common daily tasks include Creating and processing invoices Crosschecking invoices with payments and expenses to ensure accuracy Managing a companys accounts payable and receivable Sending bills and invoices to clients Tracking organization expenses Processing refunds Working with collection agencies on
$300 - $1.5k per project 7 months ago
Roles and responsibilities 1 To opening demat Ac to collecting margin 2 SellingLifeInsuranceproducts 3 Selling Health Insurance Products 4 SellingGeneralInsuranceProducts 5 Sourcing CSP for all banks Subject to availability 6 Sourcing agency for PAN 7 SourcingagencyforAYUSHMANBHARAT 8 Sourcing agency for Instant money transfer 9 SourcingacforForex 10 Sourcing agent for DSC digital signature certificate 11 Sourcing agent for DMTdigital money transfer 12 Sourcing agent for GST EInvention and Tax
Full Time
Kochi, India
$3.2k - $5.0k per year 8 months ago
Vidyalai is an EdTech startup which provides personalised learning solutions and educational products to students across the globe We cater primarily to the secondary and higher education sector which includes middle school high school and college students At Vidyalai we have an extremely flat and entrepreneurial culture We are one of the fastest growing startups in the country with a global customer base consisting of users from more than 20 countries As the public face of the company the