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Full Time Non-Remote
Sydney, Australia
$200k - $400k per year 5 months ago
Quant Researcher- Sydney What the role is all about… This position is to work in HFT Market making desk as it expands its presence in the global STIRS (Short Term Interest Rates) markets. What your main responsibilities will be…  Modelling of the term structure for alpha and risk management  Design and automate quantitative methods for evaluating the performance of algorithmic trading strategies  Design and automate quantitative methods for optimising trading strategy parameters for different market conditions  Generate new sources of alpha through statistical analysis of historical market data  Identify changes in market conditions when strategies underperform and suggest changes for improving their profitability during those conditions  Analyse algorithmic trading system latencies and provide cost/benefit analysis on latency improvements  Assisting in the development of a consistent conceptual framework which spans across different strategy horizons and multiple instruments. These are the essential skills you need…  You will be a highly numerate individual with good knowledge of forecasting, linear algebra, optimisation, statistics and time series modelling.  High to Mid frequency time horizon.  Market microstructure modelling experience.  C++/python development skills.  Linux experience. Ideally, you have the following qualifications and experience…  STIRS / Term Structure trading experience.  Postgraduate qualifications in a quantitative discipline.  3+ years experience as in a quantitatively driven trading house in a role as a quantitative researcher.
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Full Time Remote
$200k - $400k per year 5 months ago
Quant Trader- Delhi/Bangalore/Amsterdam/London The candidate would not only be undertaking quantitatively driven projects but would be taking responsibility of the operational aspects of the strategy running in production. He/she would have to continuously learn new ML/Statistical/Analytical skills to successfully undertake these analytical projects. The role could further involve 1. Deploying existing models/strategies to wider set of products/exchanges. 2. Active monitoring of strategies/risk limits during market hours 3. Extend automation pipeline for strategy deployment and post trade analyses 4. Track performance of active strategies over days and tweak model parameters with minimal supervision 5. Analyse latency performance of the strategy. Work closely with the infra development team to conceptualise, test & deploy changes to improve latency performance of the strategy. 6. Work closely with the 'Production Reliability Team' o For any operational/performance issues during trading hours. o Optimised setup of servers after taking into account the strategy requirement and load. o For deployment of new releases of Infra platform. 7. Work closely with the 'Data Team' for data requirement of the existing or new strategies. Technical background and requirements: 1. Proficiency in Linux systems 2. Proficiency in python based analytics frameworks like pandas and numpy. 3. Working knowledge of at least one pipelining/scheduling software i.e airflow, htcondor, kubernetes etc 4. Experience with big data including experience with the structure of the data. 5. Willingness to work as per business requirements. Preferables 1. Prior experience in financial market including experience of working with Tick by Tick data.