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John Dembaremba

Software developer

Harare, Zimbabwe
Full stack developer at Petalm Africa
Studied Computer system at Udemy
Studied Databases Conceipts at Udemy
Studied Computer Science and Data at National University of Science and Technology
Computer Software
Joined May 31, 2024



I am a dedicated and versatile software developer with a passion for crafting robust and efficient solutions. My expertise lies in both front-end and back-end development, and I have a keen interest in backend engineering, particularly in the realms of database architecture, business logic, and optimization. In my journey as a software developer, I've accumulated valuable experience in backend development. I specialize in designing and implementing robust server-side architectures that power seamless and scalable applications. My proficiency includes crafting efficient APIs, managing databases, and developing complex backend systems. A significant aspect of my passion for backend engineering lies in the optimization of currency programming, memory management, and storage. I am dedicated to creating high-performance applications that deliver optimal user experiences. My skills extend to identifying bottlenecks, implementing efficient algorithms, and fine-tuning applications for optimal resource utilization.
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Petalm Africa
Dec 2022 – Present
Zimbabwe, Harare
Full stack developer
Summary of Duties: I have designed and maintained high-performance APIs for seamless integration with third-party systems. My responsibilities included optimizing, developing, and testing backend systems to enhance performance and reliability. I integrated third-party systems using various technologies such as REST APIs, webhooks, pub/sub communication, message brokers, and ODBC. Additionally, I designed and managed core databases including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB, and supervised and mentored a team of 10 junior developers.
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Access Express Websites
Jan 2022 – Dec 2022
Zimbabwe, Buluwayo
Backend developer
Summary of Duties: I contributed to the development of a cloud-based medical aid system, ensuring accurate information for members, service providers, and organizations. I implemented PostgreSQL and Redis databases to manage large-scale data. I worked with a team of 5 members to provide end-to-end client solutions and served as a key backend resource, managing a complete service with over 50 functions to ensure the project's successful completion.
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Jun 2022 – Sep 2022
Software Architecture, Computer system
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Feb 2022 – Apr 2022
Fundamentals of Database Engineering, Databases Conceipts
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National University of Science and Technology
Aug 2017 – Aug 2020
Bachelor of Science Honours in Informatics, Computer Science and Data