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Kachina Rice

Everything we use and see has been created and w/o Artist's life be a void

United States
Fine Art
I am not a English major but I am a Artistic mindful eyes of expression thru my hands! 2D preferred form of illustrations and Painting. Though even flat needs a hint of depth also. I have animated in the past. Though currently all I own is a pen and pencil and my brushesand paints. I am a cook who is orginally from Montuky, we know our meat and beer. 2 yrs professional Sports, 3yrs fry, 2 yrs restaurant, and 4 yrs grill. Still prefer grill. Carni-3yrs, 2 different carnivals Children ministries, Street ministries, I am a Independent and I love the absolute truth and nothing but the truth so help me Yeshua. Been told I am seriously complexed and time to time I am asked to help open a new brand of gum packaging. 🤔why not just have pocket scissors for such idea's! I am tri-racial. I am the 3 cultures that made up America but life is only a prism reflection of the sun onto this earth and color is only a reflection of light and time does not exist though I know there is a beginng and end. If I do any work it needs to be a contract and a time set and when expected! Without a contract there will be no work! I am professional and a stickler for detail. I am able to say this in voice under two sentences though I have used 1257 letters.