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Mame Diarra Fall

Chicoutimi, Canada
Social Media Manager at RISE STUDIO
Joined June 16, 2024


I am a dedicated and tech-savvy professional with a passion for delivering exceptional customer service. With extensive experience in managing social media and handling administrative tasks across various industries, I have honed my ability to communicate effectively and engage with diverse audiences. My quick adaptability to new tools and platforms allows me to streamline operations and enhance online presence, ensuring seamless support for any business. I am driven by a commitment to helping organizations thrive and am eager to bring my skills and enthusiasm to a new opportunity.
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Dec 2023 – Present
Social Media Manager
As a Social Media Manager, I specialize in creating, curating, and managing content across various social media platforms. I focus on enhancing brand awareness, engaging with audiences, and driving online growth. My role involves developing social media strategies, analyzing performance metrics, and continuously optimizing campaigns to ensure impactful and effective communication