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marko Jovanovic

Senior software engineer

Nis, Serbia
Studied Electronics and Telecommunication at Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis
Information Technology & Services
Joined October 8, 2022



My name is Marko Jovanovic. After completing university of Electronics and Telecommunication back in 2003 I started with programming language and started coding back in 2004. Now with experience over 15 years in various technologies as a software developer, I have profiled myself mainly as a .NET developer, database design and management, but also have significant experience with various javascript frameworks, mainly with Angular. First part of career I spent as a entrepreneur working mostly as a main and only developer of the team, developing various modules for the largest local wholesale medical supply company. After that, since 2011, I oriented myself on outsourcing. Among all positions held most recent and important are position for two USA and one Dutch company each time with various responsibilities, varying from maintenance up to development of new features usually as a part of the large teams. Most recently for the past year I am engaged as a lead developer of the small UK startup, responsible for the development of the website builder mainly for production music, composers, a white-label system. All the best, Marko Jovanovic
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Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis
Jan 1995 – Jan 2003
Undergraduate, Electronics and Telecommunication