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Nguyen Anh

Tester and Data entry

Can Tho, Vietnam
Computer Software
Joined May 27, 2024



Having experience in software product testing and working in the field of data entry from real-life images has equipped me with perseverance, attention to detail, and meticulousness in my work. These two roles have taught me the importance of thoroughness and accuracy in every task I undertake. In software testing, I have learned the significance of meticulously examining each feature and functionality to ensure that the software performs optimally. This requires patience and a keen eye for identifying any flaws or inconsistencies that may arise. Through rigorous testing, I have developed a methodical approach to problem-solving and the ability to navigate complex systems effectively. Similarly, working in data entry from real-life images demands precision and careful attention to detail. Each piece of information extracted from the images must be accurately recorded, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the data. This meticulousness has become ingrained in my work ethic, allowing me to maintain a high level of accuracy in any task I undertake.