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Pamela Torres

Career Consultant | Outplacement Specialist | Virtual Assistant | Resume Writer | Catastrophe Coordinator

Cali, Colombia
Human Resources
Joined July 24, 2023
Goal oriented professional, excellent leadership and project management skills, as well as a strong work ethic. Assertive, responsible, organized, productive and efficient in meeting deadlines. Professional with vast experience as a Virtual Assistant, Outplacement Specialist and managing catastrophe insurance claims. Capacity to prioritize tasks, work under pressure, manage multiple activities concurrently and to communicate effectively (both written and verbally). Ability to work well on teams and within a collaborative environment and to work without supervision. Proven experience working in areas such as change Real State, Management, Outplacement, Job Relocation, Recruiting, Training Design, General Procedures in the HR department, and working with the development of communities by creating sustainable projects that empowerment them.