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Perez Odiyo

Front-End Developer

Nairobi, Kenya
Information Technology & Services
Joined June 3, 2024



Native or Bilingual
Native or Bilingual
I'm Annan, a skilled software developer deeply passionate about coding. My goal is to create solutions that bring joy to my clients. Coding has not only honed my problem-solving abilities but has also enabled me to communicate effectively on a technical level. I specialize in developing web applications and crafting optimized solutions
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Feb 2020 – May 2024
AI Data Annotator
Detailed Data Annotation and Labeling: Analyzed and processed diverse datasets, meticulously annotating and labeling data to refine machine learning models. Ensured each data point was accurately labeled to support the development of reliable AI models. High-Quality Dataset Generation: Contributed to the generation of high-quality datasets used for training machine learning models. Maintained consistency and precision in data labeling to ensure the integrity and reliability of the datasets. Data Integrity and Decision-Making: Enhanced data-driven decision-making processes by consistently providing accurate and reliable data inputs. Applied critical thinking to make justified decisions on ambiguous content, preserving the integrity of the dataset. Collaboration and Best Practices: Actively collaborated with team members to discuss and resolve ambiguities. Worked together to align on best practices, enhancing project outcomes and ensuring adherence to data labeling standards. Adherence to Standards and Protocols: Consistently followed established data labeling standards and protocols. Maintained the highest quality and reliability of data, contributing to the successful training and performance of machine learning models. Attention to Detail: Developed a keen eye for detail through rigorous data annotation tasks. Ensured precision in every annotation, recognizing the importance of accuracy in driving the success of AI projects.