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Block Chain based Sport betting platform

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In general terms, “value coupling” refers to the systematic linkage between the usage of a token with the market value (or price) of that token. In the case of Wagerr, Value Coupling refers specifically to the linkage between the betting volume over the Wagerr network and the price of the Wagerr token (WGR). The Wagerr blockchain achieves this linkage through the destruction of a portion of the betting fees. Wagerr charges a modest fee for betting services, just like traditional bookkeepers. But unlike mainstream bookkeepers, the Wagerr blockchain systematically destroys almost half of every fee. Since this reduces the coin supply, increased adoption of Wagerr as the sports betting blockchain of choice gradually drives up the market value of Wagerr. What's good for bettors is great for investors; it's a simple matter of supply and demand. Through this “Value Coupling” mechanism, betting activity over the Wagerr network fuels supply destruction. This deflationary engine drives the value of WGR over time.And thanks to this powerful engine, anyone who holds WGR potentially benefits from Wagerr’s “house advantage” — meaning that the Wagerr token has great potential to rise in value.
Published:April 28, 2020
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