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Commercial platform for energy market client

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Working as part of a distributed development team on development of new microservices and features for commercial platform application, for an international company based in Austria. Development was mainly focused on features for communication with customers (email, SMS …), managing user preferences, managing customer information (profile and payment information), internal system auditing and audit data indexing and querying. Technologies: Java 8, Spring Boot 1.x, 2.x, Spring MVC, Spring Boot Actuator, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, Spring Mail, Spring Keycloak, Hibernate 5.x, Hibernate Envers, Java AWS SKS, Docker, Elasticsearch, Spring Boot Test, Junit 4, Mockito, PowerMock, PostgreSQL 9.x, Git (BitBucket repository), Gradle. Tools like Jira and Confluence were used for collaboration. Also Slack and Google Meet. My role: Senior Software Engineer and Technical team lead. My responsibilities included: ● Code development and unit testing ● Creating of architectural designs for new application features ● Creating technical documentation ● Gathering of functional requirements by being in direct contact with the client ● Researching of new technologies and implementing POCs in order to test designs, new technologies, libraries, and APIs ● Making sure that team upholds to coding standards based on best coding practices by process of code review and direct communication with team members ● Coaching of junior and new team members
Published:July 10, 2022
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