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An app built to help people in finding authentic & genuine Covid-19 leads easily and quickly (based on the MVVM Design Pattern). CoviCare is an application which helps in finding authentic Covid-19 resources easily & quickly. It basically has two major features. The first one uses Twitter API. The app's algorithm is designed in such a way that it'll only display the recent and verified (by Twitter's users) leads/resources, because of being verified earlier, users can find legit leads quickly. It ignores irrelevant tweets/data and displays only the most resourceful tweets. The other major feature is that it works like a Social Network. Users can post different resources for their local city, such as leads for oxygen beds, Ventilators or other useful information and other users can search & get it easily. So far, the app has over 350+ users within 22 days of it's launch, has saved over 4 lives & the app has a 4.6 stars rating on the Google Play Store.
Published:June 2, 2021