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Crypto University EU Membership Website

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Custom Membership Website Custom Membership Website
Crypto University EU is an online education platform. This naturally also includes a part of the website that is only accessible to Members. That is the CU EU Members Area. The development of a member area is in many ways more complex than designing a “normal” website that is visible to everyone. However, this is no problem for OMNIA Web Agency. Would you like to launch an online education platform yourself? Then we are happy to help you with everything from consultancy in the development of your courses, to the complete development of the members website, to servicing. Reliable web hosting is always included. Feel free to contact us for a free Strategy Session so that we can discuss your project further. The first version of the Members Area was launched in June 2018. In the months that followed, several Sections were added with dozens of training videos. All videos were recorded and edited by Senne Trenson!
Published:November 27, 2021
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