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Dicital Art Illustration - high resolution, freely scalable and ready for printing

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Hello dear fan of the abstract arts! Are you looking for an eye-catcher for your office, your flat, your entrance area or your waiting room? I can design your own abstract work (digital painting) and you got it delivered (high resolution and freely scalable) to the address of your choice. Have you seen one in my online gallery that you really like or would you like to have your own picture made? There are no limits to your wishes. Tell me what styles and colours you like and we'll create your new work together. I have succesfully collaborated with +100 clients worldwide in different bussines fields from hairdressers salons, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies and different local bussineses. For more you can check my art page over Instagram: You can check out my portfolio too: All the background information about my work and me you find on the Art JHa Website:
Published:April 12, 2022
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