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Organic traffic increased by 326,61% Organic traffic increased by 326,61%
This E-Commerce project was founded about 10 years ago. Specialists of digital(R)evolution were invited in 2018 to create a boost for the project. As a usual practice, we started from SEO and UX audit. SEO+UX Audit is the fastest and most efficient way to reveal showstoppers for Google, Bing, Yahoo, to lead more visitors to your website. On this project, we used both types of auditing process: automated and manual. Manual SEO Audit covers issues that any software or automated service can't reveal. Then we developed and followed the plan to eliminate existing issues and flaws. And search engine algorithms changed the 'attitude' for the better. After that, we performed keyword collection and backlinks research. The results of the analysis of the keywords allowed us to develop a winning SEO strategy, which led us to success.
Published:May 1, 2020
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