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Sáng Lại Minh

Software Developer

Hanoi, Vietnam
Joined June 3, 2024



I am a Java Backend developer with 2 years of experience, contributing my skills to a multitude of outsourcing projects for Viettel, ranging from large-scale initiatives to smaller endeavors. Within this timeframe, I have specialized in handling tasks related to Big Data, excelling in ETL processes and optimizing SQL queries. In addition to my backend proficiency, I am adept at UI-related tasks, undertaking projects such as website construction and system interface revamping to align with contemporary design standards. During my nearly 2 years at FUNIX, I have actively contributed to the development of internal systems, including certificate management, student questionnaires, and the submission interface for major assignments. My involvement extends to the redesign of the Learning Management System (LMS) interface. In tandem with my full-time responsibilities, I have established and led a freelance agency, leveraging my developer skills and experience to deliver high-value projects for clients. This dual commitment not only diversifies my skill set but also enhances my ability to contribute to both in-house and external ventures, ultimately driving the overall development of the company. My overarching goal is to continue evolving as a professional developer, constantly seeking opportunities to enhance my skills and broaden my understanding of the industry. I am driven by a commitment to leverage my expertise to develop projects that bring substantial value to customers, thereby contributing significantly to the growth and success of any organization I am a part of.