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I have spent 10 years creating viral content, writing SEO articles that have increased rankings in Google search, creating social media campaigns that consistently generated maximum engagement reflected in likes, shares, comments, and sales, at the most cost effective marketing budgets. I also craft marketing strategies that are unique to each business as each set of needs at different points in a company's growth are different. I have also led successful app-marketing and download campaigns. I am also a skilled graphic designer, producing engaging print and digital art with photoshop and Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and animation with canva. I have worked and led remote teams since 2010. I am scrum verified and I am comfortable with working remotely as well as on-site. I constantly research new efficient tools and white-hat techniques to generate business traffic. My experiences, with both off-site and online marketing as well as my and global exposure, will serve you well. Please contact me at to move this conversation foward.