$1,000 per project
Hi, I am Aakruti Sarangdhar from Mumbai, India, I have been freelancing as a photographer for 6 years now. A hobby turned into profession, I started seeing the world through a lens six years ago, a world inexplicable to all but understood and appreciated by a few. I look at photography as the art that I'm going to breathe till I'm alive, with the hope of my work breathing forever. It's not just some work for me, but a purpose to find beauty in everything I see. Everything that is true can be captured in a picture and what isn’t can be painted through an individual’s pigment of imagination. Either way, you bring out the emotions through art. Personally I'm super outgoing, I love exploring new places and meeting new people. You can check out my work at www.aakrutisarangdhar.com or Instagram: @theindianvodka_