$200 per project
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This is the perfect service for all website owners looking to receive high-quality traffic from major search engines such as Google. My comprehensive SEO audit service comes with the following items: *Website technical analysis - A chance to observe the technical aspects of your website in an effort to identify and solve any technical issues, whilst looking for areas of potential improvement. *Keyword Research - I will perform extensive research into your industry and identify a list of relevant keywords for you to target. I always attempt to source keywords with both an acceptable level of competition and a healthy volume of monthly searches. *SEO Site Structure - The next step in the process is to use the keywords sourced from the keyword research process and create a "keyword" oriented site structure. My typical site structures are three tiers deep, with your main keyword being at the top, and secondary keywords, and so on appearing beneath. *On-Page Optimization - This process involves optimizing the content on your website to improve its overall SEO score. Such optimizations shall include modifying HTM properties, rewriting certain text, updating metadata, and much more. Optional extras *Link building services with full backlink report. *Backlink indexing service with a full report. *Wiki backlinks *.edu backlinks *Image optimization includes compression. This service comes with a full report upon completion, results are typically visible within a few weeks, but remember, SEO is an ongoing strategy and you must both maintain high standards and continue to create high-quality content, and build relevant backlinks to your site. Get in touch and kickstart your SEO campaign today.