Social Media Manager

Fixed Price: $1,000
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I'm a social media manager for local start ups. I was working with 4 business start ups and I've been handling their accounts through business suite for both instagram and facebook. I was responsible for my clients account set up, social media strategy and management. I am also responsible for researching their possible campaigns and contents for their platforms including the digital strategy and I sometimes make their graphic content for some of the events. I've been making contents for the brand. I love the idea of using the content calendar and social media calendars for better planning and execution or basically scheduling and publishing of every campaign or advertisement. I'm also monitoring and checking every social media campaigns through analytics to conclude if every ads that I've been producing and scheduling are effective. I'm also responsible for checking, monitoring and answering the queries, complaints and reviews both in comments or direct messages. I'm hoping that this would help you to assess my credibility for the job. Thank you and God bless!