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Remote Customer Support Volunteer jobs

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Volunteer Project
United States
Customer Support2 months ago
Assigned to a group of students to provide a safe responsible wellsupervised afterschool program We could not do what we do without the constant and selfless support of our volunteers There is so much to do and with time and help from people like you we get it done If empowering our youth educating our communities as a whole is something that is important to you then join our amazing team of people who dont just talk about it but show up time and time again to serve the communities that depend
Volunteer Project
Customer Support2 months ago
TEACHING INTERNSHIP Job Description for Teaching Interns Volunteers Teaching underprivileged children in Slum Areas Conducting awareness session for the children This will be an Unpaid Internship Duration 24 classes Roles and Responsibilities during the tenure of your internship Teach children at our centres on weekends Conducting at least one awareness session about any generic topic at your centre Connect and Refer at least 5 volunteers Maintain the performance report for your allocated group
Customer Support5 months ago
As our mission is to improve the lives of people deprived of their liberty in prisons living in small unsafe and unhealthy spaces and to create cohesive and socially inclusive communities supporting social reintegration in our first major project we chose to help develop quality of life of the persons deprived of liberty As the existing medical equipment is far exceeded by the requirements of medical staff for a correct diagnosis of the patient following discussions with representatives of the
Cover Picture
Customer Support9 months ago
A Corporate Cares Community Day JAYCEES Alumni Members from Rhode Island would be working sidebyside with Corporate Small Business Employees prior guests have been with Koch Eye Associates UPS FM Global FleetBOA Citizens Bank KONICA etc and other Organization Representatives Trudeau Center Perspectives SpurwinkRI etc in doing general landscape tasks that would refresh adorn and overall beautify through wateringweedinglight rakingfertilizingrecreation restoration of the awardwinning JAYCEE