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Remote Logo Design & Brand Identity Volunteer Projects

Popular skills: Logo Design, 2D Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
3 volunteer projects
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$1,000 nonprofit contest. Join for free!
Logo Needed for Voluntary Organisation
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Design & Creative Volunteer Project
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I am looking for a logo for a service helping very young kids learn new languages. The service is called LingoElo. Here are some requirements for the logo: 1. There needs to be a dog as a mascot in the logo. The dog needs to convey clever, curious and friendly characteristics. 2. The text “LingoElo” needs to be in the logo with unique kids friendly typeface. 3. Since the service emphasizes learning new languages in daily routines rather than in “classes”, there should not be any “academic” elements in the logo, such as books, classrooms, graduation gown/cap and etc. 4. Color is important. Color should be unique and modern and become part of the brand identity, Try to avoid using common primary colors. 5. I have some images of the dog you can reference and revise.
Logo Designer
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United States
Design & Creative Volunteer Project
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We have begun a new outreach through our Spiritual Connections ministry designed to encourage others and give them hope. We need a logo for this new ministry. It's title is LOOK UP! and the meaning of this title is to look up in hope and expectation that things will get better and you are not alone. We would like for the color scheme and graphic to be bright and engaging.
Logo Needed for a Educational Voluntary Organisation😀
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Design & Creative Volunteer Project
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We need a logo for a voluntary organisation named as "EDNOUB" Background of EDNOUB: This is the #EDNOUB created by RI Biplob Prodhan. This is one of the best English Language and Literature learning Group in Bangladesh. A special helpline for English Department's students of National University (NU) and others public universities of Bangladesh. It is also very much helpful for English language learners. N.B. : The group is dedicated to NU English Department's poor students. We provide Educational Notes, Suggestions and Educational Materials for free! Our Motto/Slogan: We Stand for Education. EDNOUB means- English Department @ National & Other Universities of Bangladesh
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