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VolunCharity MVP App Development

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Type:OngoingWeekly commitment:10 hours
Open60 days left
Weekly commitment:10 hours
Open60 days left
VolunCharity in a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the vision and the management team in place to create a game-changing, gamified app, which is intended to connect volunteers and donors with the non-profits who need their help in fun, motivational ways - thereby increasing the impact for non-profits, by increasing their volunteer activity and donations, while making their volunteer management easier and more efficient. What we don't have are the in-house coding skills to build our MVP (Minimum Viable Product). That's where you come in. If you have any skills related to product design and development, prototyping, coding for web and mobile apps, experience with game development, gamification, project management, testing, etc. - please get in touch and let us know how you feel you can help. Please contact us at info@voluncharity.org for additional details, and to discuss this opportunity. Thanks!