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“A Journey of a Thousand Kilometers Begins with a Single Step” It is time to build a new world with Responsible Humans and therefore we are developing #ONEWORLD, a global initiative to make the world a better place to live. #ONEWORLD is intended for all those who believe that personal growth must go hand in hand with the development of a sustainable life for all and to those who wish to be part of a global family who stands together to create better opportunities to address our challenges. If you wish to be part of the change, you can begin your journey as an Online Volunteer by participating in following activities: 1. Assist Project Heads in Managing their Project Based on your Expertise 2. Copywriting and Content Creation for Social Media Promotion 3. Video Editing, Voice Over, and Scripting We prefer a minimum online volunteering period of 6 months and a dedicated engagement of 8 hours a week to complete one activity successfully. Certificates of Participation is issued to Online Volunteers who successfully complete one of the above-mentioned activities, contributed to network building and participate in fundraising for TGG’s Center for Sustainable Development. PLEASE NOTE: Participation in any of the activities of the TGG Foundation is subsequent to the submission of the RHM Registration Form by selecting the right kind of engagement which you are comfortable with and obtaining the registration number. Please make sure you are in perfect alignment with the ethos of TGG Foundation by reading its code of practice. This is a one time registration for life time hence choose your path (type of engagement) wisely.