Copywriter for Guatemala Nonprofit Blog

Type:OngoingWeekly commitment:3 hours
Open36 days left
Weekly commitment:3 hours
Open36 days left
Pionero Philanthropy is a nonprofit assessment organization that provides verified information about Guatemalan nonprofits for stakeholders to access online and via our consultancy services. We believe reliable information leads to more effective giving, and that together we can create a brighter future for Guatemalan communities. Pionero Philanthropy is seeking Volunteer Copywriters with superior English skills to help us write clear, concise, and engaging copy for our publications and websites that adhere to our brand voice and standards. We are aiming to publish at least 2 or more blog pieces every month that are engaging for wider audiences interested in Guatemala, nonprofits, and philanthropy. We will provide writers with blog outlines, keywords, guidance, and relevant statistics. Requirements Minimum 6-month commitment (1 article per month) OR at least 6 blog articles (approx 800 - 1000 words each) Fluency and High-Level Written English Skills Ability to write clear, concise and grammatically correct copy Proven experience and evidence of English written skills for blogs/websites Interest in Nonprofits Interest in Guatemala Sensitivity in using language to convey and explain complicated and delicate issues Ability to remain open to feedback and constructive criticism Experience with SEO and Marketing are a plus Self-motivated and well organized Need for minimal supervision Desirable Skills & Knowledge Knowledge and experience of grassroots nonprofit environments Knowledge and experience of Guatemala's social, economic, political, and cultural arenas Application Process If you are interested in applying for this position, please provide: CV Short cover letter 2 examples of your writing 300 words on Why Support Grassroots Nonprofits in Guatemala?