Covid-19 School Re-Entry Researcher

Type:OngoingWeekly commitment:3 hours
Open68 days left
Weekly commitment:3 hours
Open68 days left needs a special research team willing to drill deep to discover historical events in which children were taken from schools for various reasons and then returned to face re-socialization pressures. We study the nature, causes, trends, and patterns related to school violence and we know no national initiative is currently focused on the emotional toxicity children face currently and whether school violence events will increase when schools reopen and if so, how to recognize what will trigger them. Teachers and schools need all the help they can to anticipate these new levels of violence. If selected you will be working with a team that will first gather pertinent data, then analyse it for adequacy, create a spreadsheet, and finally work with our data visualization team to create a free app that parents, teachers, and schools can use to better anticipate what they might experience. Volunteers with historical, psychological, sociological, ethnographic and behavioural science research experience are encouraged to respond. We look forward to working with you.